Teen Counseling


So you’re a teen and considering counseling? You might be feeling depressed or anxious and wondering if talking to someone about it may help. You may be having some challenges in school, either academically or with friends, and a caring adult in your life thinks counseling could help. You may have lost someone really special to you, or you may be going through a major change like parents getting divorced or adjusting to a move. Teen counseling can help!

Confident teenage girl looking ahead. Teen Counseling can help with depression and anxiety in Cumming GA.

Therapy for Teens in Cumming GA

Whatever you’re going through, I believe with all my heart that processing your situation in counseling with a caring, skilled therapist can provide relief and support. Let me tell you about my approach and why I believe it helps.

My Approach to Teen Counseling

I believe that all human beings, no matter the age, are capable and trustworthy, and that a safe, caring relationship provides the best climate for that healthy self-direction to grow and develop.

I work hard to hear you and your perspective on the things you’re going through. It’s also valuable for me to talk to and listen to parents to hear their perspective on your situation. But you as a person are the expert on your own life.

I’m a play therapist, which means I am used to moving around with children and participating with them in alternate ways of expressing what’s inside of them besides talking — like using a sand tray with miniatures, creating art, and other symbolic expressions. If you don’t want to talk, there are many more things we can do to communicate.

In fact, for some teens, using the sand tray is their preferred way of doing teen counseling and expressing who and where they are. This is especially true for teens that identify as creative, right-brained, or intuitive and who resonate with imagery and storytelling.

I welcome and encourage questions about me and my approach when I talk to teens on the phone during a free consultation or in person. Again, counseling is something for you that you can benefit from and I want to make sure I’m the right fit.
Teenage boy looking at cell phone. Teen Counseling at Sweitzer Counseling can help teens navigate life changes.

Reasons teens may come to counseling

Following are some of the reasons teens come to teen counseling:

  • Depression, often feeling down or even hopeless

  • Self harm or thoughts of suicide

  • Difficulty concentrating

  • Struggles with self image and self esteem

  • Ongoing conflict with parents

  • A drop in grades, or a lack of desire to go to school

  • Handling a divorce, a move, a transition to a new school or other major life changes

  • Worries about the future and feelings of stress or overwhelm

  • Nightmares or difficulty sleeping

  • Grief and loss of someone or something cared about

  • Difficulty making and keeping friends

  • Bullying

  • Anxiety that gets in the way of living life

  • Questioning of sexual identity

Closeup of teenage girl smiling into the camera after teen therapy at Sweitzer Counseling.

For Parents and other caring adults in a teenager’s life

You want the best for your child. You may be worried about choices they’re making and want to protect them from any harm. Maybe your relationship with them is not in a good place and you long for it to be different.

Often teens can benefit from talking to a non-familial adult who offers non-judgmental, confidential support, and who can also facilitate communication between family members. I can help!

Confidentiality in Teen Counseling

Confidentiality is as much a part of therapy with teens as it is with adults. In order for therapy to be effective with a teenager, their privacy must be protected.

Most teens will neither trust nor confide in a therapist who is going to report what they say to their parents. If I believe your teen’s life is in danger I will notify you immediately and work with you and your teen to get them the emergency services they need.

As a parent myself, I also know how important it is to have dialogue with professionals providing care for your children. I work with parents and teens I’m seeing in counseling to balance a parent’s desire to understand progress and the teenager’s right to privacy.

Headshot of Brent Sweitzer. Brent provides Couples Counseling, Individual Counseling and Play Therapy in Cumming, Alpharetta and Johns Creek GA.

Why I am a Therapist for Teens in Cumming, GA

I am passionate about my work as a teen therapist because I find deep joy in seeing young people grow, thrive and reach their full potential. 

I feel satisfaction in helping teens unburden themselves and become engaged in their lives and excited about their futures. I also know that when teens are thriving, families can become happy and healthy again.

Brent Sweitzer LPC, RPT

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You don’t have to continue suffering with depression, anxiety and feeling overwhelmed. Teen counseling for anxiety and depression can help. My Cumming counseling office is conveniently located off of 400 and I offer after school and evening sessions.

To start your counseling journey, follow these simple steps:


Reach Out

Call me at 678-701-7545 or fill out this form so we can schedule a free 20 minute consultation. This helps you make sure there's a fit between what you're wanting to get out of counseling and my skills & approach.


Begin Counseling

Once you decide to begin counseling, you'll fill out the initial paperwork securely using the client portal. We will meet and begin the therapeutic counseling journey together.


Experience Relief

Through your counseling sessions, you will start working on your healing -- experiencing shifts, progress, and relief as you go.


Other Counseling Services at Sweitzer Counseling

Teen Counseling isn’t the only service I provide at my Cumming Counseling office. I also offer marriage counseling, play therapy & child counseling, premarital counseling and individual counseling for issues such as stress and anxiety, grief and loss, and men’s issues.