Individual Counseling


Individual counseling can be one of the best investments you make in yourself. Having a trained, skilled therapist be present with you, really listen (not just to the words but to the real hurts and struggles behind them), and help you develop new ways of coping can be a life-transforming experience. And sadly, deep listening and presence is an increasingly rare thing in human relationships in our hectic, fast-paced lives.

Closeup of individual writing in journal. Individual counseling with Sweitzer Counseling can help with stress and anxiety.

Counseling for Stress and Anxiety in cumming, georgia

Stress is a contributing factor to just about every issue that brings people to counseling, and anxiety is one of the most common reactions to stress.

I help clients in Cumming, Alpharetta and Johns Creek not only to cope with the symptoms of anxiety, but also to gain a deeper understanding of some of the relational causes and roots of the anxiety so that they can make lasting changes in their lives.

Grief and Loss

Losing a loved one or pet, experiencing a divorce or the end of a significant relationship, or losing a job can devastate us.

Naming our feelings and having someone journey with us in processing our loss is a powerful healing experience that’s been validated in psychotherapy research for decades. Sometimes, though, we go through a loss that’s harder to name and talk about – losing the idealism we may have had about our family of origin and upbringing, grieving a faith that no longer fits in the way it once did, or grieving the loss of a personal dream or ideal that others have minimized. Individual counseling can provide you the support you need to become more fully yourself in growing through this loss.

Closeup of young woman reflecting after individual counseling with Brent Sweitzer in Cumming, GA.

Relationship and Marriage Difficulties

Even if a partner is not willing to come to couples counseling, relationships can still be improved through individual therapy.

Individual therapy can help people identify and accept the role they may be playing in relationship difficulties, and enhance the way they communicate (which can often change the cycle of communication between people). Counseling can also help people assert themselves and advocate for their own needs, including setting limits on hurtful behavior. Establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries in relationships can be an extremely beneficial outcome of individual counseling.


Change, even for good, is stressful and can be emotionally draining.

Since I specialize in working with couples and children, I am skilled at helping people navigate key life stages in relationships and parenting. From becoming a parent, to navigating key school transitions, to adjusting to being an empty nester or coping with divorce, individual counseling provides support during these and other transitions.

Young man with outstretched arms. Individual counseling with Brent Sweitzer allowed him to manage stress & anxiety.

Men’s Issues

Individual counseling provides a safe, confidential environment for men to work through many of the issues referenced above. Society often tells men that they’re not emotional or that they are meant to carry emotional burdens on their own. Yet in studies of the emotional content in couples counseling sessions, men verbalized emotional distress as much as women – they just described their experience differently.

I firmly believe that the most important relationship we have in our lives is the one we have with ourselves. How we talk to ourselves, the degree to which we’re able to listen to and accept ourselves, and the courage we bring to the questions about our own identity and the choices we make with our time, bodies and energy, are some of the biggest determinants of a sense of happiness and well-being in our lives.

Headshot of Brent Sweitzer. Brent provides Couples Counseling, Individual Counseling and Play Therapy in Cumming, Alpharetta and Johns Creek GA.

Why I am a therapist for individuals in cumming, ga

I am passionate about my work as a therapist because I find deep joy in helping people acquire the tools and perspectives they need to transform their lives. I also feel satisfaction in helping individuals learn to be authentic and present in their relationships.

My own therapeutic journey has enabled me to reach deep levels of individual growth — resulting in a fulfilling marriage and the ability to “show up” for my children and others in my life. It is my mission to help others learn to experience and enjoy the richness that life has to offer. 

Brent Sweitzer, LPC RPT


Begin Individual Counseling in Cumming, Alpharetta and Johns Creek, GA

You don’t have to continue suffering through relationship difficulties, stress, anxiety and grief. Individual counseling can help you feel better and get back to being yourself. My Cumming counseling office is conveniently located off of 400 and I have daytime and evening hours available.

To start your individual counseling journey, follow these simple steps:


Reach Out

Call me at 678-701-7545 or fill out this form so we can schedule a free 20 minute consultation. This helps you make sure there's a fit between what you're wanting to get out of counseling and my skills & approach.


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Once you decide to begin counseling, you'll fill out the initial paperwork securely using the client portal. We will meet and begin the therapeutic counseling journey together.


Experience Relief

Through your counseling sessions, you will start working on your healing -- experiencing shifts, progress, and relief as you go.


Other Counseling Services at Sweitzer Counseling

Individual therapy isn’t the only service I provide at my Cumming Counseling office. I also offer marriage counseling, play therapy for children, teen counseling, and premarital counseling.